Claudin-1 and occludin expression in demyelinating peripheral neuropathies.

  title={Claudin-1 and occludin expression in demyelinating peripheral neuropathies.},
  author={Emilia Manole and Laura Cristina Ceafalan and Ana Maria Oproiu and Aurel Popa-Wagner and Bogdan O Popescu},
  journal={Romanian journal of morphology and embryology = Revue roumaine de morphologie et embryologie},
  volume={56 3},
In the last years, only few studies focused on the role of tight junctions in human peripheral nerve. This type of junction is found between apposed membranes of myelinating Schwann cells, between perineurial cells and between endothelial cells (of the epi-, peri- and endo-neurium vessels). We investigated the presence of claudin-1 and occludin in peripheral nerve biopsy of patients with demyelinating peripheral neuropathies by immunolabeling (immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence) and… CONTINUE READING


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