Clathrin and Cx43 gap junction plaque endoexocytosis.

  title={Clathrin and Cx43 gap junction plaque endoexocytosis.},
  author={Beth M Nickel and Bado Hewa Defranco and Vernon L. Gay and Sandra A. Murray},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={374 4},
In earlier transmission electron microscopic studies, we have described pentilaminar gap junctional membrane invaginations and annular gap junction vesicles coated with short, electron-dense bristles. The similarity between these electron-dense bristles and the material surrounding clathrin-coated pits led us to suggest that the dense bristles associated with gap junction structures might be clathrin. To confirm that clathrin is indeed associated with annular gap junction vesicles and gap… CONTINUE READING

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