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Classroom experiments on mental set.

  title={Classroom experiments on mental set.},
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  • A. Luchins
  • Published 1946
  • Education
  • The American journal of psychology
The impact of working memory limitations and distributed cognition on solving search problems on complex informational websites
This research evaluated working memory load and persistent behavior of computer users navigating complex websites, design and test the effectiveness of feedback intended to reduce revisits to previously-visited states, and determines the extent to which reducing revisits improves overall web navigation performance on difficult search tasks.
Increased practice with 'set'problems hinders performance on the water jar task
Luchins’s (1942) classic Einstellung (mental set) phenomenon has been demonstrated across a wide variety of samples and problem solving tasks. However, it is unclear how increased practice with the
  • Qian Sun, Eunyoung Kim
  • Art
    Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC 2020)
  • 2020
Fixation, as a mental activity, is usually discussed in the design process and creative expression. Several studies have conducted experiments aiming to find how to reduce the fixation in design
Flexibilité cognitive et résolution de problèmes : au-delà des aspects développementaux, confronter son point de vue à un autre
Resoudre aisement un probleme, c’est-a-dire trouver une procedure rapide et efficace menant a la solution, necessite de pouvoir considerer la situation selon plusieurs points de vue pour en choisir
Contraries as an effective strategy in geometrical problem solving
A focused review of the literature on reasoning suggests that mechanisms based upon contraries are of fundamental importance in various abilities. At the same time, the importance of contraries in
Production of Negative Transfer in a Problem-Solving Task
The decreased performance below baseline for three of the source-target programs provides a reliable context to demonstrate negative transfer and facilitate continued investigation of this phenomenon.
Summary of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Views
  • 2001
Managing Innovation: When Less is More
An analysis of many highly successful and "visionary" companies reveals the existence of corporate cultures that emphasize adherence to company goals and cohesiveness within the group. While such