Classifying orders in the Sklyanin algebra

  title={Classifying orders in the Sklyanin algebra},
  author={D. Rogalski and S. J. Sierra and J. Stafford},
  journal={Algebra & Number Theory},
  • D. Rogalski, S. J. Sierra, J. Stafford
  • Published 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra & Number Theory
  • © 2015 Mathematical Sciences Publishers. Let S denote the 3-dimensional Sklyanin algebra over an algebraically closed field k and assume that S is not a finite module over its centre. (This algebra corresponds to a generic noncommutative ℙ2.) Let A=⊕i≥0 Ai be any connected graded k-algebra that is contained in and has the same quotient ring as a Veronese ring S(3n). Then we give a reasonably complete description of the structure of A. This is most satisfactory when A is a maximal order, in… CONTINUE READING
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