Classifying adolescent perfectionists.


A large school-based sample of 9th-grade adolescents (N = 875) completed the Almost Perfect Scale-Revised (APS-R; Slaney, Mobley, Trippi, Ashby, & Johnson, 1996). Decision rules and cut-scores were developed and replicated that classify adolescents as one of two kinds of perfectionists (adaptive or maladaptive) or as nonperfectionists. A four-cluster… (More)
DOI: 10.1037/a0022482


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@article{Rice2011ClassifyingAP, title={Classifying adolescent perfectionists.}, author={Kenneth G. Rice and Jeffrey S. Ashby and Rich Gilman}, journal={Psychological assessment}, year={2011}, volume={23 3}, pages={563-77} }