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Classifying Subset Feedback Vertex Set for H-Free Graphs

  title={Classifying Subset Feedback Vertex Set for H-Free Graphs},
  author={Giacomo Paesani and Dani{\"e}l Paulusma and Paweł Rzaͅżewski},
. In the Feedback Vertex Set problem, we aim to find a small set S of vertices in a graph intersecting every cycle. The Sub- set Feedback Vertex Set problem requires S to intersect only those cycles that include a vertex of some specified set T . We also consider the Weighted Subset Feedback Vertex Set problem, where each vertex u has weight w ( u ) > 0 and we ask that S has small weight. By combining known NP -hardness results with new polynomial-time results we prove full complexity dichotomies… 
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Enumerating Minimal Subset Feedback Vertex Sets

It is shown that all minimal subset feedback vertex sets of a graph can be enumerated in time O(1.8638n), where n=|V|.

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The first polynomial-time algorithms for the Subset Feedback Vertex Set problem are given on two subclasses of AT-free graphs: interval graphs and permutation graphs.

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We prove new complexity results for Feedback Vertex Set and Even Cycle Transversal on H-free graphs, that is, graphs that do not contain some fixed graph H as an induced subgraph. In particular, we

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The Subset Vertex Cover problem is introduced and it is proved that it is polynomial-time solvable for $(sP_1+P_4)$-free graphs for every $s\geq 1$.

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An almost-complete complexity dichotomy is proved for the Odd Cycle Transversal problem when the input is restricted to graphs that do not contain a graph~$H$ as an induced subgraph and the complexity for both of the weighted subset transversal problems restricted to $H$-free graphs remains open.

Finding large induced sparse subgraphs in c>t -free graphs in quasipolynomial time

It is proved that for every pair of integers d and t and a statement φ, there exists an algorithm that, given an n-vertex C>t-free graph G with weights on vertices, finds in time n(log3 n) a maximum-weight vertex subset S such that G[S] has degeneracy at most d and satisfies φ.

Node Multiway Cut and Subset Feedback Vertex Set on Graphs of Bounded Mim-width

A meta-algorithm is designed that solves both weighted graph problems Node Multiway Cut and SFVS in polynomial-time on the following graph classes: Interval, Permutation, and Bi-Interval graphs, Circular Arc and Circular permutation graphs, Convex graphs, and also on Leaf Power graphs if a leaf root is given as input.

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