Classifying Non-Sentential Utterances in Dialogue: A Machine Learning Approach

  title={Classifying Non-Sentential Utterances in Dialogue: A Machine Learning Approach},
  author={Raquel Fern{\'a}ndez and Jonathan Ginzburg and Shalom Lappin},
  journal={Computational Linguistics},
In this article we use well-known machine learning methods to tackle a novel task, namely the classification of non-sentential utterances (NSUs) in dialogue. We introduce a fine-grained taxonomy of NSU classes based on corpus work, and then report on the results of several machine learning experiments. First, we present a pilot study focused on one of the NSU classes in the taxonomybare wh-phrases or sluicesand explore the task of disambiguating between the different readings that sluices can… CONTINUE READING
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