Classification of topological phases in periodically driven interacting systems

  title={Classification of topological phases in periodically driven interacting systems},
  author={Dominic V. Else and C. Nayak},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We consider topological phases in periodically driven (Floquet) systems exhibiting many-body localization, protected by a symmetry $G$. We argue for a general correspondence between such phases and topological phases of undriven systems protected by symmetry $\mathbb{Z} \rtimes G$, where the additional $\mathbb{Z}$ accounts for the discrete time translation symmetry. Thus, for example, the bosonic phases in $d$ spatial dimensions without intrinsic topological order (SPT phases) are classified… 

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Stability of Periodically Driven Topological Phases against Disorder.

A universal effective theory is proposed that leverages on modern free probability theory and ideas in random matrices to analytically predict the existence of the topological phase for finite driving frequencies and across a range of disorder.