Classification of frontal alpha asymmetry using k-Nearest Neighbor

  title={Classification of frontal alpha asymmetry using k-Nearest Neighbor},
  author={Siti Armiza Mohd Aris and M. N. Taib and Norakmar Arbain Sulaiman},
  journal={2012 International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICoBE)},
Frontal alpha asymmetry is used as the EEG feature in this study. Total number of 43 students participated in EEG data collections of relax and non-relax conditions. The spectral power of the alpha band for both left and right brain are extracted using data segmentations and then the Asymmetry Score (AS) is computed. Subtractive clustering is used to predetermine the number of cluster center that are presented in the data. While Fuzzy C-Means (FCM), is used to discriminate the EEG data into an… CONTINUE READING