Classification of common functional loops of kinase super-families.

  title={Classification of common functional loops of kinase super-families.},
  author={Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes and Antoni Hermoso and Jordi Espadaler and Enrique Querol and Francesc X. Avil{\'e}s and Baldomero Oliva},
  volume={56 3},
A structural classification of loops has been obtained from a set of 141 protein structures classified as kinases. A total of 1813 loops was classified into 133 subclasses (9 betabeta(links), 15 betabeta(hairpins), 31 alpha-alpha, 46 alpha-beta and 32 beta-alpha). Functional information and specific features relating subclasses and function were included in the classification. Functional loops such as the P-loop (shared by different folds) or the Gly-rich-loop, among others, were classified… CONTINUE READING