Classification of algebraic non-ruled surfaces with sectional genus less than or equal to six

  title={Classification of algebraic non-ruled surfaces with sectional genus less than or equal to six},
  author={Elvira Laura Livorni},
  journal={Nagoya Mathematical Journal},
  pages={1 - 9}
  • E. Livorni
  • Published 1 December 1985
  • Mathematics
  • Nagoya Mathematical Journal
In this paper we have given a biholomorphic classification of smooth, connected, protective, non-ruled surfaces X with a smooth, connected, hyperplane section C relative to L, where L is a very ample line bundle on X, such that g = g(C) = g(L) is less than or equal to six. For a similar classification of rational surfaces with the same conditions see [Li]. 
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Let L be a very ample line bundle on a smooth curve C of genus g with (3g + 3) 2 deg L 2g 5. Then L is normally generated if deg L max 2g + 2 4h 1 (C, L), 2g (g 1) 6 2h 1 (C, L) . Let C be a triple


For a very ample line bundle L on a smooth irreducible projective curve C of genus g, </>h:C ―>P(H°(L)) is the projective embedding by the vector space H°(L). One says that L is normally generated if

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Classification of algebraic surfaces with sectional genus less than or equal to six. I. Rational surfaces

a biholomorphic classification rational algebraic with the genus of a hyperplane section less than or equal to six.

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