Classification of Radiographs in the 'Image Retrieval in Medical Applications' - System

  title={Classification of Radiographs in the 'Image Retrieval in Medical Applications' - System},
  author={J{\"o}rg Dahmen and Thomas Theiner and Daniel Keysers and Thomas Martin Deserno and Berthold B. Wein},
In this paperwe presenta new approachto classifyingradiographs,which is the first importanttaskof the IRMA system.Given an image,we computeposteriorprobabilitiesfor eachimageclass,asthis informationis neededfor further IRMA processing.Classificationis doneby usinganextendedversionof Simard’s tangentdistancewithin a kerneldensitybasedclassifier . We proposea new distortionmodelfor radiographsandproveits effectivenessby applyingthemethodto 1617radiographscomingfrom daily routine… CONTINUE READING
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