Classification of NLO operators for composite Higgs models

  title={Classification of NLO operators for composite Higgs models},
  author={T.Alanne and N.Bizot and G.Cacciapaglia and F.Sannino},
We provide a general classification of template operators, up to next-to-leading order, that appear in chiral perturbation theories based on the two flavour patterns of spontaneous symmetry breaking SU($N_F$)/Sp($N_F$) and SU($N_F$)/SO($N_F$). All possible explicit-breaking sources parametrised by spurions transforming in the fundamental and in the two-index representations of the flavour symmetry are included. While our general framework can be applied to any model of strong dynamics, we… 

Sigma-assisted low scale composite Goldstone–Higgs

We show that the presence of a lightish scalar resonance, $$\sigma $$ σ , that mixes with the composite Goldstone–Higgs boson can relax the typical bounds found in this class of models. This

Proper-time method for unequal masses