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Classification of Carbonate Rocks According to Depositional Textures

  title={Classification of Carbonate Rocks According to Depositional Textures},
  author={Robert J. Dunham},
Three textural features seem especially useful in classifying those carbonate rocks that retain their depositional texture (1) Presence or absence of carbonate mud, which differentiates muddy carbonate from grainstone; (2) abundance of grains, which allows muddy carbonates to be subdivided into mudstone, wackestone, and packstone; and (3) presence of signs of binding during deposition, which characterizes boundstone. The distinction between grain-support and mud-support differentiates packstone… 
Porosity in Carbonates
Porosity in carbonate rocks, most commonly limestones and dolostones, is of great importance to study since around half of world’s hydrocarbon reserves are made up of dolomite and limestone, which
Petrography of Carbonates (Microfacies Association)
  • S. Hassan
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 2013
The carbonate strata of the Moghra Formation represent a minor component of the studied rock succession. The carbonate facies are represented by fossiliferous limestones. Six distinct micro-facies
Facies classification and patterns of lacustrine carbonate deposition of the Barra Velha Formation, Basin,
The lacustrine carbonate rocks of the giant Pre-salt oil- fi elds in the Santos and Campos Basins di ff er in a number of important aspects from classic lake deposits. Prior work has described
Classifications of Carbonate Rocks
Carbonate rocks can be subdivided according to: a) chemical and mineralogical composition, e.g., Chilingar (1960), Pettijohn (1957), or Fuchtbauer (1959), b) fabric features —
A Compositional Classification For Grain Assemblages In Fine-Grained Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks—Discussion
Abstract Milliken’s (2014) classification scheme for fine-grained sediments and sedimentary rocks is an attempt to provide an improved classification that relies on interpreted grain origin to