Classification of CT Brain Images of Head Trauma

  title={Classification of CT Brain Images of Head Trauma},
  author={Tianxia Gong and Ruizhe Liu and Chew Lim Tan and Neda Farzad and Cheng Kiang Lee and Boon Chuan Pang and Qi Tian and Suisheng Tang and Zhuo Zhang},
A method for automatic classification of computed tomography (CT) brain images of different head trauma types is presented in this paper. The method has three major steps: 1. The images are first segmented to find potential hemorrhage regions using ellipse fitting, background removal and wavelet decomposition technique; 2. For each region, features (such as area, major axis length, etc.) are extracted; 3. Each extracted feature is classified using machine learning algorithm; the images are then… CONTINUE READING
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