Classification of Australian buliniform planorbids (Mollusca: Pulmonata)

  title={Classification of Australian buliniform planorbids (Mollusca: Pulmonata)},
  author={J. C. Walker},
  journal={Records of The Australian Museum},
  • J. Walker
  • Published 26 May 1988
  • Biology
  • Records of The Australian Museum
The genera of Australian buliniform planorbids have been examined anatomically and their classifi~ation reviewed. The major conclusions reached are.: 1. Isidorella is not congeneric with Bulinus and is an endemic Australian genus; 2. Iredale's genera Lenameria, Tasmadora and Mutalena are synonyms of Physastra Tapparone-Canefri which, in turn, is a synonym of Glyptophysa Crosse. Glyptamoda Iredale is also a synonym of Glyptophysa; 3. Oppletora Iredale, synonymised with Bulinus by Hubendick, is… 
A molecular phylogeny of Planorboidea (Gastropoda, Pulmonata): insights from enhanced taxon sampling
The present study found that Ancylidae as traditionally understood, i.e. covering most freshwater limpet gastropods, is paraphyletic, as the genera of Burnupia and Protancylus have been shown to lie phylogenetically outside the Ancylini.
On unavailable genus-group names introduced by Tom Iredale for Australian non-marine gastropods: nomenclatural clarifications and descriptions of new genera
The nomenclatural availability of all 32 originally unavailable names are clarified, including Arnemelassa, Figuladra, Malandena, Meridolum, Nannochloritis, and Turrisitala, which continue to be used in taxonomic literature to this day, although they are unavailable.
Brood care among basommatophorans: a unique reproductive strategy in the freshwater limpet snail Protancylus (Heterobranchia: Protancylidae), endemic to ancient lakes on Sulawesi, Indonesia
Oviparity and reproduction via planktonic larvae is predominant while incubation and viviparity is most frequently found in taxa inhabiting brackish or freshwater aquatic habitats, and brood care in Protancylus resembles the reproductive strategy found recently among pachychilid gastropods Jagora from the Philippines, but differs from euviviparous incubation in several taxa.
A molecular phylogenetic analysis of Bulinus (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) with conserved nuclear genes
A molecular phylogenetic analysis of Bulinus (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) with conserved nuclear genes shows that it is likely that the Bulinus of today is descended from a single ancestor that lived in what is now Europe.
Biodiversity and biogeography of non-marine Mollusca on the islands of the Southern Ocean
The Southern Ocean is an effective barrier and the different regional (South Atlantic/Indian/Pacific) faunas are principally vicariant and derived from local survivors of Pleistocene glaciation.
Comparative ultrastructure of the terminal portions of the male copulatory apparatus in Planorbidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)
Terminal portions of the male copulatory apparatus of Planorbis planorbis, Segmentina oelandica, and Anisus vortex were studied using whole-mount preparations, serial semi-thin sections, and
The presence of schistosomes in and around Chitwan National Park (CNP) in the Terai and hilly regions of Nepal was investigated from 2007-2014, and dung samples from both domestic and wild Indian elephants were examined, and were found to beSchistosomiasis.
Survey of the terrestrial and freshwater molluscan fauna of the Pilliga forest area in northern inland New South Wales, Australia
This study provides insight into the original molluscan fauna of the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range prior to landscape-scale agricultural development and provides a benchmark for future reference.
Aboriginal earth mounds of the Calperum Floodplain (Murray Darling Basin, South Australia): New radiocarbon dates, sediment analyses and syntheses, and implications for behavioural change
This paper presents the results of an archaeological investigation into anthropogenic earth (oven) mounds located on the Murray River floodplain at Calperum Station in the Renmark region of South


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The biology of bulinus snail control local snail faunas chemical and physical factors life cycles and populations regions, lakes and rivers - biography.
North Stradbroke Island
The islands bordering Moreton Bay to its east are vegetated dunes formed during a past period of intense wind activity. Aeolian sand, as indicated by drilling, occurs to considerable depth below sea
Members of the medical pro· fession will join with citizens generally in offering congratulations to the Rachel Forster Hospital in this, its jubilee year, and wishing to all connected with it continued effectiveness and satisfaction in their task.
The fluvifaunulae of Australia