Classification and characterization of the rice alpha-amylase multigene family.

  title={Classification and characterization of the rice alpha-amylase multigene family.},
  author={Ning Huang and Thomas D. Sutliff and James C. Litts and Raymond L. Rodriguez},
  journal={Plant molecular biology},
  volume={14 5},
To establish the size and organization of the rice alpha-amylase multigene family, we have isolated 30 alpha-amylase clones from three independent genomic libraries. Partial characterization of these clones indicates that they fall into 5 hybridization groups containing a total of 10 genes. Two clones belonging to the Group 3 hybridization class have more than one gene per cloned fragment. The nucleotide sequence of one clone from Group 1, lambda OSg2, was determined and compared to other known… CONTINUE READING
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