Classification System of the Higher Taxa of Enoplan Nemerteans (NEMERTEA, ENOPLA)

  title={Classification System of the Higher Taxa of Enoplan Nemerteans (NEMERTEA, ENOPLA)},
  author={Alexei V. Chernyshev},
  journal={Russian Journal of Marine Biology},
The main classifications of the subclass Enopla were revised, and a new classification of enoplan nemerteans was proposed. The status of the orders Pelagica, Reptantia, and Bdellomorpha remained unchanged. The group Monostilifera was classified into two genera: Cratenemertea ord. n. and Eumonostilifera ord. n. The following new taxa were distinguished: Sagaminemertida infraord. nov., Sagaminemertidae fam. nov., Uniporida infraord. nov., Drepanophorida infraord. nov., and Korotkevitschiidae fam… CONTINUE READING
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