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The study of women in antiquity has a long and somewhat checkered past. Successive ages and cultures have sought to recover-and sometimes to recreate-the ideas and realities of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. "Woman" has not been an ignored category, although its study frequently has been clouded by the mists of Romanticism (Holderlin called his mistress Diotima) or biased by the polemical attempt to vindicate ancient social practices. As in other fields, women have been the dream… Expand


The Position of Women in Athens in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries
It is a commonplace that, whereas in the Aegean age and in Homer the position of women was a noble one, in Athens of the classical period it was ignoble. For example: The best woman, according to theExpand
Familia Caesaris: A Social Study of the Emperor's Freedmen and Slaves
Part I. Nomenclature and Chronology: 1. Dated inscriptions 2. Nomina and praenomina 3. Status indication 4. Cognomina and agnomina Part II. The Family Circle: 5. Age at manumission 6. Age at marriageExpand
Last of the Matriarchs: a Study in the Inscriptions of Lycia
Just over a century ago, a book appeared in Basel revealing to the world a stage of evolution through which all mankind had passed and of which nothing had been known until then: Das lYlutterrecht,Expand
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