Classical to quantum transfer of optical vortices.

  title={Classical to quantum transfer of optical vortices.},
  author={Ver{\'o}nica Vicu{\~n}a-Hern{\'a}ndez and H{\'e}ctor Cruz-Ram{\'i}rez and Roberto Ram{\'i}rez-Alarc{\'o}n and Alfred B. U'Ren},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 17},
We show that an optical vortex beam, implemented classically, can be transferred to the transverse amplitude of a heralded single photon. For this purpose we have relied on the process of spontaneous parametric downconversion (SPDC) for the generation of signal and idler photon pairs, using a pump in the form of a Bessel-Gauss (BG) beam with orbital angular momentum (specifically, with topological charge l = 1 and l = 2). We have designed our source so that it operates within the short SPDC… CONTINUE READING

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