Classical theory of mesons

  title={Classical theory of mesons},
  author={Homi Jehangir Bhabha},
The quantum theory of the meson (Kemmer 1938; Frohlich, Heitler and Kemmer 1938; Bhabha 1938; Yukawa, Sakata and Taketani 1938; Stueckelberg 1938), in spite of its great similarity to the quantum theory of radiation, differs from it in certain important respects. The total Hamiltonian for the system of protons or neutrons and mesons contains terms in the interaction energy of mesons with the heavy particles which increase with increasing energy of the mesons. This has brought physicists to the… 
Note on the correspondence between the classical and quantum theories of neutral mesons
SummaryThe classical theory of mesons only contains the fundamental constant ξ. The rest mass μ of the meson is introduced only when the theory is quantized by the relation μ=ℏχ. As a result,
The interaction of point particles with charged fields
  • K. J. L. Couteur
  • Physics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1949
1. The method introduced by Dirac (1) in his classical theory of the interaction of an electron with an electromagnetic field has since been extended to the interaction of point particles with more
The theory of particles of spin half and the compton effect
SummaryIt is shown that the original Dirac theory in which a particle of spin half ħ is described by the Dirac equation with all the negative energy states empty, and the hole theory in which all the
The classical limit of the quantum theory of damping (without radiative corrections) has been studied for scattering procedures involving photons and neutral or chargesymmetric mesons STAwith S(S),
The scattering of charged mesons
SummaryIt is shown that the scattering of neutral mesonsby the spin of the heavy particles (g2 interaction) on the quantum theory agrees completely in its dependence on energy, scattering angle, and
On the scattering of scalar mesons
SummaryThe classical formulæ for the scattering of scalar mesons by a neutron are obtained taking account of the radiation damping. The neutron is assumed to possess a ‘charge’ and a ‘dipole moment’.
On elementary heavy particles with any integral charge
SummaryThe previous paper having shown that all divergences and large crosssections for neutral mesons being due entirely to neglect of radiation reaction, an attempt is made in this paper to remove
On the theory of spinning particles
A classical theory of a spinning particle with charge and dipole moment in an electromagnetic field is obtained by working symmetrically with respect to retarded and advanced fields, and with respect
Production of mesons and the localization of field energy
  • H. Bhabha
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1953
It is shown that the production of mesons and nucleons in very energetic nucleon-nucleon collisions depends essentially on the extent to which the observed rest mass of a nucleon is due to its meson
Classical theory of spinning particles
SummaryThe exact relativistic classical equations taking radiation reaction into account for the rotation and translation of apoint dipole are given for the case where the dipole is always a pure


Zur Theorie der „Schauer“ in der Höhenstrahlung
ZusammenfassungDie Fermische Theorie desβ-Zerfalls führt zu einer qualitativen Erklärung der „Schauer“bildung, deren Folgerungen im einzelnen besprochen werden.
Die Grenzen der Anwendbarkeit der bisherigen Quantentheorie
ZusammenfassungStellt man die Quantentheorie der Wellenfelder in einer Form dar, in der ihre relativistische Invarianz besonders einfach erkennbar wird, so bieten sich gewisse natürlich scheinende