Classical deterministic complexity of Edmonds' Problem and quantum entanglement

  title={Classical deterministic complexity of Edmonds' Problem and quantum entanglement},
  author={L. Gurvits},
  booktitle={STOC '03},
  • L. Gurvits
  • Published in STOC '03 2003
  • Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
Generalizing a decision problem for bipartite perfect matching, J. Edmonds introduced in [14] the problem (now known as the Edmonds Problem) of deciding if a given linear subspace of M(N) contains a nonsingular matrix, where M(N) stands for the linear space of complex NxN matrices. This problem led to many fundamental developments in matroid theory etc.Classical matching theory can be defined in terms of matrices with nonnegative entries. The notion of Positive operator, central in Quantum… Expand
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