Classical cadherins control survival through the gp130/Stat3 axis.


Stat3 (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription-3) is activated by a number of receptor and nonreceptor tyrosine kinases. We recently demonstrated that engagement of E-cadherin, a calcium-dependent, cell to cell adhesion molecule which is often required for cells to remain tightly associated within the epithelium, also activates Stat3. We now… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamcr.2013.03.014


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@article{Geletu2013ClassicalCC, title={Classical cadherins control survival through the gp130/Stat3 axis.}, author={M. Arulanandam cells Geletu and Rozanne Arulanandam and Sylvette Chevalier and Beatriz S{\'a}ez and Lionel Larue and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Feracci and Leda H. Raptis}, journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta}, year={2013}, volume={1833 8}, pages={1947-59} }