Classical and quantum correlations under decoherence

  title={Classical and quantum correlations under decoherence},
  author={Jonas Maziero and Lucas C. C{\'e}leri and Roberto M. Serra and Vlatko Vedral},
  journal={Physical Review A},
Recently some authors have pointed out that there exist nonclassical correlations which are more general, and possibly more fundamental, than entanglement. For these general quantum correlations and their classical counterparts, under the action of decoherence, we identify three general types of dynamics that include a peculiar sudden change in their decay rates. We show that, under suitable conditions, the classical correlation is unaffected by decoherence. Such dynamic behavior suggests an… 

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Here, without loss of generality, we consider projective measures instead of more general positive operatorvalued measure (POVM) used in the original definition for classical correlation in Ref

  • Hamieh et al. shows that for a two qubit system the projective measurement is the POVM which maximizes Eq