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Classical and Quantum Mechanics of Anyons

  title={Classical and Quantum Mechanics of Anyons},
  author={Ghanashyam Date and M. V. N. Murthy and Radhika Vathsan},
  journal={arXiv: Condensed Matter},
We review aspects of classical and quantum mechanics of many anyons confined in an oscillator potential. The quantum mechanics of many anyons is complicated due to the occurrence of multivalued wavefunctions. Nevertheless there exists, for arbitrary number of anyons, a subset of exact solutions which may be interpreted as the breathing modes or equivalently collective modes of the full system. Choosing the three-anyon system as an example, we also discuss the anatomy of the so called “missing… 
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Slobodna ekspanzija anyona
Anyoni su cestice cija se svojstva kontinuirano interpoliraju između bozona i fermiona, a cije je postojanje teorijski dozvoljeno u dvodimenzional


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