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Classical Yang-Baxter equation, Lagrangian multiforms and ultralocal integrable hierarchies

  title={Classical Yang-Baxter equation, Lagrangian multiforms and ultralocal integrable hierarchies},
  author={Vincent Caudrelier and Matteo Stoppato and Beno{\^i}t Vicedo},
We cast the classical Yang-Baxter equation (CYBE) in a variational context for the first time, by relating it to the theory of Lagrangian multiforms, a framework designed to capture integrability in a variational fashion. This provides a significant connection between Lagrangian multiforms and the CYBE, one of the most fundamental concepts of integrable systems. This is achieved by introducing a generating Lagrangian multiform which depends on a skew-symmetric classical r-matrix with spectral… 

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We describe a variational framework for non-commuting flows, extending the theories of Lagrangian multiforms and pluri-Lagrangian systems, which have gained prominence in recent years as a variational

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We describe the most general GL NM classical elliptic finite-dimensional integrable system, which Lax matrix has n simple poles on elliptic curve. For M = 1 it reproduces the classical inhomogeneous



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Continuum limits of pluri-Lagrangian systems

  • Mats Vermeeren
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Journal of Integrable Systems
  • 2019
A continuum limit procedure for pluri-Lagrangian systems, where the lattice parameters are interpreted as Miwa variables, describing a particular embedding in continuous multi-time of the mesh on which the discrete system lives.

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