Classical Isomorphisms for Quantum Groups

  title={Classical Isomorphisms for Quantum Groups},
  author={Vidyut Jain and O. Ogievetsky},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
The expressions for the $\hat{R}$--matrices for the quantum groups SO$_{q^2}$(5) and SO$_q$(6) in terms of the $\hat{R}$--matrices for Sp$_q$(2) and SL$_q$(4) are found, and the local isomorphisms of the corresponding quantum groups are established. 
SUq(2) covariant $$\hat R$$ -matrices for reducible representations
AbstractWe consider SUq(2) covariant $$\hat R$$ -matrices for the reducible3 ⊕1 representation. There are three solutions to the Yang-Baxter equation. They coincide with the previously known $$\hatExpand
Quantum deformations of singletons and of free zero-mass fields
We consider quantum deformations of the real symplectic (or anti-De Sitter) algebra sp(4), ℝ ≅ spin(3, 2) and of its singleton and (4-dimensional) zero-mass representations. For q a root of −1, theseExpand
Orthogonal and Symplectic Quantum Matrix Algebras and Cayley-Hamilton Theorem for them
For families of orthogonal and symplectic types quantum matrix (QM-) algebras, we derive corresponding versions of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem. For a wider family of Birman-Murakami-Wenzl typeExpand
q-deformed conformal and Poincaré algebras on quantum 4-spinors
We investigate quantum deformation of conformal algebras by constructing the quantum space forslq(4). The differential calculus on the quantum space and the action of the quantum generators areExpand
Quantum deformedsu(m/n) algebra and superconformal algebra on quantum superspace
We study a deformedsu(m/n) algebra on a quantum superspace. Some interesting aspects of the deformed algebra are shown. As an application of the deformed algebra we construct a deformedExpand
Braidings of Tensor Spaces
Let V be a braided vector space, i.e., a vector space together with a solution $${\hat{R}\in {{End}}(V\otimes V)}$$ of the Yang–Baxter equation. Denote $${T(V):=\bigoplus_k V^{\otimes k}}$$ . WeExpand
Jucys--Murphy elements and representations of cyclotomic Hecke algebras
An inductive approach to the representation theory of cyclotomic Hecke algebras, inspired by Okounkov and Vershik, is developed. We study the common spectrum of the Jucys-Murphy elements usingExpand
Algèbres de Hecke cyclotomiques : représentations, fusion et limite classique.
Une approche inductive est developpee pour la theorie des representations de la chaine des algebres de Hecke cyclotomiques de type G(m,1,n). Cette approche repose sur l'etude du spectre d'une familleExpand
Cayley–Hamilton theorem for symplectic quantum matrix algebras
Abstract We establish the analogue of the Cayley–Hamilton theorem for the quantum matrix algebras of the symplectic type. We construct the algebra in which the quantum characteristic polynomialExpand


We examine the properties of the quantum Lorentz group SOq(3, 1) using the matrix given in Ref. 14. We show that this matrix together with the q-deformed metric C provide a representation of a BWMExpand
Quantization of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the quantization of lie groups and lie algebras. The Algebraic Bethe Ansatz—the quantum inverse scattering method—emerges as a natural development of theExpand
A q-deformed Lorentz algebra
We derive a q-deformed version of the Lorentz algebra by deforming the algebraSL(2,C). The method is based on linear representations of the algebra on the complex quantum spinor space. We find thatExpand
q-Deformed Poincaré algebra
Theq-differential calculus for theq-Minkowski space is developed. The algebra of theq-derivatives with theq-Lorentz generators is found giving theq-deformation of the Poincaré algebra. The realityExpand
Quantum deformation of lorentz group
A one parameter quantum deformationSμL(2,ℂ) ofSL(2,ℂ) is introduced and investigated. An analog of the Iwasawa decomposition is proved. The compact part of this decomposition coincides withSμU(2),Expand
Six generatorq-deformed Lorentz algebra
The six generator deformation of the Lorentz algebra is presented. The Hopf algebra structure and the reality conditions are found. The chiral decomposition of SL(2, C) is generalized to theq-case.Expand
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