Classical Electromagnetism in a Nutshell, by Anupam Garg

  title={Classical Electromagnetism in a Nutshell, by Anupam Garg},
  author={S. Sivakumar},
  journal={Contemporary Physics},
  pages={66 - 66}
  • S. Sivakumar
  • Published 2013
  • Mathematics
  • Contemporary Physics
  • One of the triumphs of classical physics was the unification of the electric and magnetic phenomena by Maxwell. He summarised all that were known during his time, in a set of four equations known by his name. More importantly, he introduced the notion of displacement current to make these equations self-consistent. These equations are highly successful in describing most of the electromagnetic phenomena. Even the need for introducing the special theory of relativity can be traced to the theory… CONTINUE READING