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Classic hydrodynamic and kinetic formalism as averaging of delta-functional particle images

  title={Classic hydrodynamic and kinetic formalism as averaging of delta-functional particle images},
  author={Leonid S. Kuz’menkov and Pavel A. Andreev},
  journal={arXiv: Plasma Physics},
Critical analyses of well-known methods of derivation of kinetic and hydrodynamic equations is presented. Another method of derivation of kinetic and hydrodynamic equations from classic mechanics is described. It is shown that equations of classic hydrodynamics can be derived directly from microscopic picture of motion, without using of kinetic equations as an intermediate step. New method of derivation of equation of macroscopic motion includes explicit averaging of microscopic motion on… 



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Klimontovich, Statistical Physics [in Russian], Nauka, Moscow (1982); English transl

  • 1986

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