Classfication of inorganic cyclic compounds

  title={Classfication of inorganic cyclic compounds},
  author={I. Halduc},
  journal={Journal of Structural Chemistry},
  • I. Halduc
  • Published 1 May 1961
  • Chemistry, Materials Science
  • Journal of Structural Chemistry
Summary1Inorganic cyclic compounds constitute a pecullar section of inorganic chemistry.2Inorganic cyclic compounds can be calssified by the following groupsMonocyclic compounds, which are further subdivided into a) homocyclic, b) heterocyclic with alternation (pseudoheterocyclic) and c) true heterocyclic compounds.Polycyclic compounds, which include a) compounds with linked rings, b) spiro compounds, and c) compounds with fused (condensed) rings (low- and high-molecular).3The preparation of… 


The crystal structure of octamethylspiro [5.5] pentasiloxane: rotation about the ionic silicon–oxygen bond
The crystal structure of octamethylspiro [5·5] pentasiloxane is reported. The Si—O distance is 1.64 ± 0.03 A. and the Si—CH3 distance 1.88 ± 0.03 A. The (SiO)3 ring is planar and the shape is
Pentazole, III. Kristallisierte Aryl-pentazole
Aus Aryl-diazoniumchloriden und Alkaliazid werden kristallisierte Arylpentazole dargestellt. Die UV-Absorptionsspektren zeigen, das das Pentazol-System als Substituent stark elektronenanziehend
Polymeric Gaseous Species in the Sublimation of Tungsten Trioxide
Mass spectrometric study of the gaseous species effusing from a Knudsen cell filled with WO3 has shown that WO3(s) sublimes to form the gaseous molecules W3O9, W4O12, and W5O15. From the measured
Nitrogen derivatives of phosphorus and sulfur
Examines ammono and aquo carbonic, phosphoric, and polyphosphoric acids; phosphonitrilic compounds; sulfur-nitrogen compounds; and tetrasulfuur tetranitride and related sulfur-nitrogen compounds.
Crystal Structure of Rhombohedral Sulphur
The allotropic form of sulphur first discovered by Engel1 has been variously termed Engel's sulphur, Sɛ, Sρ, Sϕ, trigonal sulphur, and rhombohedral sulphur. The molecule was shown to be hexameric by
Die Chemie des Borsulfols [BHS]3 und seiner Derivate
Die bisher schon bekannten Ringsysteme der „Borazole” [-BX-NR-]3 und „Boroxole” [-BX-O-]3 konnten um eine weitere Korperklasse von Sechsringverbindungen des Typus [-BX-S-]3 („Borsulfole”) bereichert
Bonding in boron compounds and in inorganic polymers
The element boron is such a close neighbor to carbon in the periodic table that one might expect it to offer an equally extensive and varied chemistry of covalent compounds.
Eine Abgekürzte Schreibweise für Phosphorsäuren niederer Oxydationszahl Vorbemerkung zu den folgenden Mitteilungen
Es wird eine abgekurzte Bezeichnungsweise fur Phosphorsauren niederer Oxydationszahl vorgeschlagen. An abbreviated nomenclature is proposed for acids of phosphorus with lower oxydation number.
The Crystal Structure of Valentinite (Orthorhombic Sb2O3)1)
Natural valentinite from Su Suergiu, Sardinia, and also artificial valentinite made by subliming chemically pure JS6203 above its inversion point, have been studied by the W e i ß e n b e r g method.