• Computer Science, Engineering
  • Published in Other Conferences 1993
  • DOI:10.1117/12.164889

Class of algorithms for real-time subpixel registration

  title={Class of algorithms for real-time subpixel registration},
  author={Robert Frischholz and Klaus Spinnler},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
In 1972, Barnea and Silverman presented a new approach to the wide field of template matching, the SSD-algorithm. Further work has been done to adapt the method to gain subpixel accuracy. Intense investigation of the proposed algorithms led to our new approach: by interpolating the template instead of the reference image, and by applying sort of an error- correction to the resulting subpixel-value, both computation time and accuracy can be improved. Exhaustive experiments with a CCD-camera and… CONTINUE READING


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