Class, Sports, and Social Development

  title={Class, Sports, and Social Development},
  author={Richard S. Gruneau},
When "Class, Sports, and Social Development" was published in 1983 it stood the world of sport sociology on its collective head. The original edition brought social theory to sport studies and signaled sport sociology's coming of age. Gruneau brilliantly captured the current conditions within the field and anticipated where it was going. Unfortunately, this classic has been out of print since 1993. But no longer. The new edition features the original ground-breaking text, a foreword by R.W… Expand
Sociology of Sport: Expanding Horizons in the Subdiscipline
Sport sociology … is a value-free social science. It is not an effort to infl uence public opinion or behavior, nor is it an attempt to find support for the “social development” objective of physicalExpand
Back to Basics: Class, Social Theory, and Sport
It is relatively easy to understand why Marxism has been increasingly discredited in recent years both in the sociology of sport and in the social sciences more generally. Guilty by association withExpand
Sport and Society
Sport is a very prominent social institution in almost every society because it combines the characteristics found in any institution with a unique appeal only duplicated by, perhaps, religion. TheExpand
Sports forms (the shape that sports has taken) and practices (the activities that constitute the sport itself) have been seen as interesting but not of great importance: In such a view, sport hasExpand
1968 and all that:1 social change and the social sciences of sport
It is always a problem to fetishize a particular year. It is both ahistorical and asociological, taking a year out of the context of history and the processes of social change. I am quiteExpand
The Role of Cultural Studies and Social Criticism in the Sociological Study of Sport
It has often been asserted that the sociological study of sport is confronted by a theoretical and methodological malaise (Beamish, 1981; Ingham, 1979). In the spirit of this type of inquiry, it isExpand
The philosophical ground of modern socialist sport.
Accomplished philosophical accounts of sport's sociopolitical purpose have aimed at a critical analysis of the political dimensions of sport. Such accounts have tended either to condemn or to promoteExpand
Sociology of Sport in the Balance: Critical Reflections on Some Recent and More Enduring Trends
The title of this study is modelled on that of a very good but little-known textbook, Sociology in the Bulmce, by the Dutch sociologist, Johan Goudsblom, which was published by Blackwells in 1977.Expand
Paradox of Sport and Politics in China - Applied to C.L.R. James’ Theory
According to C.L.R. James's social theory on cricket and social movement, a paradox between sport and politics is presented. Sport used to contribute to, as well as ruin the politics. In China, SportExpand
Sport history and the seeds of a postmodern discourse
Thirty years after its conception and development as a branch of social history, academic sport history is in a state of flux. The empirical, inferential and objective principles and tenets ofExpand