Clarkia franciscana, a new species from Central California

  title={Clarkia franciscana, a new species from Central California},
  author={H. Lewis and P. Raven},
questionable one of 128 for Piper ~rigrt,m For one species of Piper haploid numbers of 8, 12, and 20 have been reported by different observers. One thus finds that the Piperaceae, though of little economic importance, exhibit features of great interest to the systematist, the anatomist, the cytologist, the ecologist, and even the sociologist. I t is certainly a family that merits expanded research. 
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The relationship of clarkias from two continents
SummaryFirst and second generation hybrids that have been obtained between the tetraploid speciesClarkia tenella andC. davyi suggest a very close relationship between the two.C. tenella is a speciesExpand