Clarity™ digital PCR system: a novel platform for absolute quantification of nucleic acids.


In recent years, digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) has gained recognition in biomedical research as it provides a platform for precise and accurate quantification of nucleic acids without the need for a standard curve. However, this technology has not yet been widely adopted as compared to real-time quantitative PCR due to its more cumbersome workflow arising from the need to sub-divide a PCR sample into a large number of smaller partitions prior to thermal cycling to achieve zero or at least one copy of the target RNA/DNA per partition. A recently launched platform, the Clarity™ system from JN Medsys, simplifies dPCR workflow through the use of a novel chip-in-a-tube technology for sample partitioning. In this study, the performance of Clarity™ was evaluated through quantification of the single-copy human RNase P gene. The system demonstrated high precision and accuracy and also excellent linearity across a range of over 4 orders of magnitude for the absolute quantification of the target gene. Moreover, consistent DNA copy measurements were also attained using a panel of different probe- and dye-based master mixes, demonstrating the system's compatibility with commercial master mixes. The Clarity™ was then compared to the QX100™ droplet dPCR system from Bio-Rad using a set of DNA reference materials, and the copy number concentrations derived from both systems were found to be closely associated. Collectively, the results showed that Clarity™ is a reliable, robust and flexible platform for next-generation genetic analysis.

DOI: 10.1007/s00216-016-0131-7

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