Clarion cochlear implants: surgical implications.

  title={Clarion cochlear implants: surgical implications.},
  author={Roberto Filipo and M. Rossell{\'o} Barbar{\'a} and Simonetta Monini and Patrizia Mancini},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={113 4},
The surgical aspects of 34 Clarion cochlear implants, positioned during a five-year period on 31 profoundly-deaf subjects as primary (11 children, 20 adults) and revision surgery (one child, three adults) were taken into consideration. Intra- and post-operative complications related to the specific structure of this device were considered along with the benefits obtained by update of the hardware and surgical approach. A smaller thickness of the internal receiver as well as the shifting from a… CONTINUE READING