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Clamping locking device and manufacturing method thereof

  title={Clamping locking device and manufacturing method thereof},
  author={Milton L Benjamin and Michael Kuhlmann},
Locking device for clamping comprises at least one clamping body (16; 16 ') and an outer ring (12; 12') and an inner ring (14; 14 ') disposed coaxially therein, which together form one guideway (20; 18) and a contour clamp (20 '; 18') for the clamping body (16; 16 ') (the outer ring 12; 12) being' consists of several blades (12a-12f ) stacked one above another and held together rigidly, characterized in that the inner ring (14) is also formed of several sheets (14a-14h) stacked one above… Expand