Cladribine in treatment of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.

  title={Cladribine in treatment of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.},
  author={Jack C. Sipe and John S. Romine and James A. Koziol and Robert McMillan and Jack Zyroff and Ernest Beutler},
  volume={344 8914},
Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) is a severely disabling demyelinating disease in which autoimmune processes seem to have a major role. The nucleoside drug cladribine is a potent lympholytic agent with few side-effects. We have studied its efficacy and safety in a randomised double-blind trial. 51 patients (48 entered as matched pairs) received four monthly courses of 0.7 mg/kg cladribine or placebo (saline) given through a surgically implanted central line. Neurologists with no… CONTINUE READING