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Cladotypic Taxonomy Applied : Titanopterans are Orthopterans

  title={Cladotypic Taxonomy Applied : Titanopterans are Orthopterans},
  author={O. B{\'e}thoux},
  • O. Béthoux
  • Published 2007
  • The Linnaean taxon Titanoptera is a distinctive Triassic insect order the origin of which is uncertain. Forewing venation patterns of the Permian Linnaean subfamily Tcholmanvissiinae (Orthoptera) and of the Titanoptera are re-investigated. The comparative analysis supports the view that the morphology of the latter group is derived from that of the former. As a consequence, the order Titanoptera is to be included within the subfamily Tcholmanvissiinae. A cladotypic taxonomy is developed in… CONTINUE READING
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