Cladistic relationships in the genus Schizanthus (Solanaceae)

  title={Cladistic relationships in the genus Schizanthus (Solanaceae)},
  author={Ra{\'u}l C. Pe{\~n}a and O. Mu{\~n}oz},
  journal={Biochemical Systematics and Ecology},
  • Raúl C. Peña, O. Muñoz
  • Published 2002
  • Biology
  • Biochemical Systematics and Ecology
  • Abstract The cladistic relationships between Schizanthus species, based primarily on morphology, and chemical characters when available are presented. In this investigation we did not find supporting evidence for the theories grouping of Grau and Gronbach (Mitt. Bot. Munchen 20 (1984) 111). The anomalous presence of hygrolines in S. integrifolius Phil. is a case of primitivism and isolation of this group, and it is not closely related to S. grahamii Gill. or S. hookeri Gill. Pseudohygrolines in… CONTINUE READING
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    Inhibition of Cholinergic Contractions of Rat Ileum by Tropane-Type Alkaloids Present in Schizanthus hookeri
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