Cladistic analysis of languages: Indo‐European classification based on lexicostatistical data

  title={Cladistic analysis of languages: Indo‐European classification based on lexicostatistical data},
  author={Kateřina Rexov{\'a} and D. Frynta and J. Zrzav{\'y}},
  • Kateřina Rexová, D. Frynta, J. Zrzavý
  • Published 2003
  • Biology
  • Cladistics
  • The phylogeny of the Indo‐European (IE) language family is reconstructed by application of the cladistic methodology to the lexicostatistical dataset collected by Dyen (about 200 meanings, 84 speech varieties, the Hittite language used as a functional outgroup). Three different methods of character coding provide trees that show: (a) the presence of four groups, viz., Balto‐Slavonic clade, Romano‐Germano‐Celtic clade, Armenian‐Greek group, and Indo‐Iranian group (the two last groups possibly… CONTINUE READING
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