Civilian craniocerebral gunshot wounds.

  title={Civilian craniocerebral gunshot wounds.},
  author={Edward C. Benzel and Wendy Day and L. Kesterson and Brian K. Willis and Christoph W. Kessler and D Modling and Th. A. Hadden},
  volume={29 1},
  pages={67-71; discussion 71-2}
Experience with 120 patients who incurred a gunshot wound to the head with dural penetration is presented. All of the patients were managed by a standard resuscitation protocol and assigned a clinical grade based on their level of consciousness both at the time of presentation and at 2 to 4 months after injury. Fifty patients (42%) underwent surgery. Twenty-eight patients (23%) had a good recovery, 19 (16%) were moderately disabled, 6 (5%) were severely disabled, and 67 (56%) died. All patients… CONTINUE READING


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