Civil-Military Relations in the Second Constitutional Period, 1908–1918

  title={Civil-Military Relations in the Second Constitutional Period, 1908–1918},
  author={M. Ş{\"u}kr{\"u} Hanioğlu},
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The Young Turk Revolution of 1908 set in motion radical transformations in many fields, including that of civil-military relations. Whereas in the wake of the revolution the military establishment aspired to reassert its role as a power-broker, the para-military Committee of Union and Progress used the opportunity to blur the boundaries between the civilian and military spheres and to place the army under its domination. 
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tor of the affair, who in 1993 published a book about it, Betrayal, in which he admitted that he had access on behalf of WJC to the OSI Waldheim file. In response to a lawsuit, this finally compelled
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