Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence: A Distinction with a Difference

  title={Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence: A Distinction with a Difference},
  author={Berel Lang},
  pages={156 - 159}
  • B. Lang
  • Published 1 January 1970
  • Political Science
  • Ethics
Virtually all the discussions of those two forms of action have assumed that acts of civil disobedience are bound in principle by the restraints of nonviolence. The presumption of this connection has been able to draw on the fact that advocates of the one form of action have often been advocates of the other. Such historical connections, however, do not imply a conceptual convergence; and I shall attempt to show here that there is no such convergence-that instances of nonviolent, political… 

Uncivil Disobedience: Political Commitment and Violence

  • N. Adams
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 2018
Standard accounts of civil disobedience include nonviolence as a necessary condition. Here I argue that such accounts are mistaken and that civil disobedience can include violence in many aspects,

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Civil disobedience constitutes an interesting ethical phenomena in the democratic state since the people performing it consciously brakes laws and norms in society for purposes they themselves

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If the previous line of argument is plausible, then it follows that some form of legal disobedience is morally justified. But since there are a variety of such ways to disobey the law, then it is

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The right to resist and the right to rebel have again become relevant as legal problems. Their justifications traditionally derive from natural law, human rights, the principle of the lesser evil or

Collective Action and Civil Disobedience: The Anti-GMO Campaign of the Faucheurs Volontaires

Civil disobedience has hitherto enjoyed only a relatively marginal place in the repertoires of French social movements, but has recently emerged as a key rallying frame for social mobilization,

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This paper is aimed to define the term ‘civil disobedience’. The paper traces firstly a brief history of civil disobedience. Thenceforth, it develops the theoretical issues that civil disobedience


Soulevant la question de la nature, de la justification morale et du role de la desobeissance civile dans le cadre de la conception de la societe bien ordonnee developpee par J. Rawls, l'A. se

R. K. Narayan’ın The English Teacher Adlı Romanına Postkolonyal Kuram Çerçevesinden Altmetinsel Bir Okuma

Insanoglunda dogustan var olan yayilma, kontrol altina alma, tahakkum kurma itkisinin (emperyal istenc) tarih boyunca zamanin ruhuna uygun gorungu ve araclarla devinim buldugunu bir olgu olarak ileri

Is ecosabotage civil disobedience?

According to current definitions of civil disobedience, drawn from the work of John Rawls and Carl Cohen, eco-saboteurs are not civil disobedients because their disobedience is not a form of address