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City development, a study of parks, gardens and culture-institutes, a report to the Carnegie Dumfermline [i.e. Dunfermline] Trust

  title={City development, a study of parks, gardens and culture-institutes, a report to the Carnegie Dumfermline [i.e. Dunfermline] Trust},
  author={P. Geddes}
Mapping cultural assets and evaluating significance: theory, methodology and practice
Over the last decade in the UK, there has been a notable shift in the popularity and use of cultural mapping as a methodology for policy making at a regional and local level. This follows increasedExpand
Spatial Phenomenotechnics: Making Space with Charles Booth and Patrick Geddes
There are many ways in which humans articulate themselves through their ‘spatiality’. One neglected aspect of a historical anthropology of spatial relations and modes of existence concerns the roleExpand
Becoming Sociological: A Brief Historical Review of Leisure in the Social Survey 1880–1939
Adopting the social survey as an analytical tool, this paper explores the origins of a sociology of leisure. Modern social understandings of leisure were formed in the expansion of the socialExpand
Civic geographies: pictures and other things at an exhibition
This paper introduces an Interventions theme section of ACME exploring the possibilities raised by the notion of ‘civic geographies’, inquiring what it might mean to rework an older, sometimesExpand
Bangalore: Urban Development and Environmental Injustice
This thesis bridges the transnational discourses on environmental justice and urban social inequality through an in depth analysis of Bangalore, India. I define environmental justice as theExpand
Which aims and knowledge for spatial planning? Some notes on the current state of the discipline
By bringing together several strands of planning debate, offered by key thinkers and protagonists, the paper aims to establish a platform for retheorising the crucial bridges between substantive vs.Expand
The ‘Bombay School’ and Urban Sociology in India
I thank Professors P.G. Jogdanad and Kamala Ganesh, organising secretary and coordinator respectively of the seminar, for this honour. The seminar has given me an opportunity to pay a small tributeExpand
Paris, Haussmann and property owners (1853 – 1860): researching temporally distant events
This paper presents empirical findings gleaned from a neglected set of archival material from the first years of Haussmann’s tenure as Prefect of the Seine (1853-1860). Four major strands of theExpand
Marshall McLuhan's famous aphorism, the medium is the message, serves as the title of the first chapter of his most influential work, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (2003), originallyExpand
Blueprints for Resilient Communities-Micro-comprehensive Sustainability Planning in Baltic Sea Urban Local Areas
Twenty-six common local urban townscape areas were studied in five Swedish, two Russian, two Latvian, one Polish and one Danish city – altogether 11 Baltic Sea Cities. A method was developed duringExpand