Citrus bergamia : Bergamot and its Derivatives

  title={Citrus bergamia : Bergamot and its Derivatives},
  author={Giovanni Dugo and Ivana Lidia Bonaccorsi},
The book examines the chemical composition of bergamot in peel oils, leaf oils, juice, and fruits, extracted by various techniques—mechanical, distillation, and by supercritical fluids. It covers newly identified classes of compounds, limonoids and statins, describing the identification and assay of natural statins and the pharmacological activities of limonoids. It also discusses bergapten properties and its uses in cosmetics and medicine, as well as the use of bergamot in perfumery and in… 
Citrus bergamia essential oil: from basic research to clinical application
Clinical studies on the therapeutic applications of BEO exclusively focus on the field of aromatherapy, suggesting that its use can be useful for reducing anxiety and stress.
Bergamot Oil: Botany, Production, Pharmacology
Bergamot essential oil (BEO) is the result of the mechanical manipulation (cold pressing) of the exocarp (flavedo) of the hesperidium of Citruslimon (L.) Osbeck Bergamot Group (synonym Citrus ×
Coumarins, Psoralens and Polymethoxyflavones in Cold-pressed Citrus Essential Oils: a Review
ABSTRACT Cold-pressed Citrus essential oils namely lemon, bergamot, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, sweet and bitter orange are obtained from the peel of Citrus fruits. They were normally used in food,
Clinical Pharmacology of Citrus bergamia: A Systematic Review
Analysis indicates that BEO aromatherapy could be safe and useful to reduce stress symptoms and its potential supportive role in ultraviolet B therapy against psoriasis is suggested.
Citrus Essential Oils: Current and Prospective Uses in the Food Industry.
  • N. Mustafa
  • Biology, Medicine
    Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture
  • 2015
The chemical compositions of citrus essential oils are summarized and their antimicrobial activities for use as preservatives in addition to highlight their uses as flavouring and antioxidant agents are explored.
HS-SPME and microdistillation isolation methods for the volatile compounds of bergamot fruits cultivated in Turkey
Bergamot fruits are important for cosmetic, perfumery, food and drug industries. Bergamot essential oil is well characterized and is used extensively in many flavours and fragrances. In the present
Characterization of the Essential Oil and Anticandidal Evaluation of Thymus pallasicus Hayek & Velen. from Turkey
The study material Thymus pallasicus is one of the endemic species for Turkey, where the essential oil was obtained from the air dried aerial parts by hydrodistillation subsequently analyzed by GC-FID and GC-MS, suggesting rather weak inhibitory activity when compared to the standard antifungal fluconazole.
Potential use of essential oils in cosmetic and dermatological hair products: A review
The amounts and their associations define the properties of these compositions with interest for hair cosmetic use, such as antioxidant, inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities.