Citizenship, economy and social exclusion of mainland Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong

  title={Citizenship, economy and social exclusion of mainland Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong},
  author={Kam Yee 羅金義 Law and Kim Ming Lee},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary Asia},
  pages={217 - 242}
  • K. LawK. Lee
  • Published 1 January 2006
  • Sociology, Economics
  • Journal of Contemporary Asia
Abstract Hong Kong is often viewed as a Chinese immigrants' city. This article discusses three interrelated dimensions of the social exclusion of migrants designated as “new” Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong. First, it is argued that globalisation has triggered intense economic rivalry among world cities as they undertake economic restructuring. Second, the political attempts of territorial states to establish their own legitimacy and strengthen their governing capacity are major catalysts that… 

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