Citizen Scientists Supplement Work of Cornell Researchers

  title={Citizen Scientists Supplement Work of Cornell Researchers},
  author={Yudhijit Bhattacharjee},
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BOYCE, VIRGINIA-- A half-century of interaction with bird watchers has evolved into a robust and growing collaboration between volunteers and a leading ornithology lab. 
Crowdsourcing Scientific Work: A Comparative Study of Technologies, Processes, and Outcomes in Citizen Science.
Crowdsourcing Scientific Work: A Comparative Study of Technologies, Processes, and Outcomes in Citizen Science
Citizen Science
Leaders Inspiring the Next Generation of Citizen Scientists – An Analysis of the Predictors of Leadership in Birding
  • C. Randler
  • Environmental Science
    Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
  • 2021
Citizen Science (CS) is a megatrend of the 21st century given its importance for nature conservation. CS projects dealing with birds often require knowledge and abilities to identify species. This
Roundtahle Citizen Science : A Deveioping Tooi for Expanding Science Knowiedge and Scientific Literacy
Citizen science enlists the public in collecting large quantities of data across an array of habitats and locations over long spans of time. Citizen science projects have been remarkably successful
Citizen Science: A Developing Tool for Expanding Science Knowledge and Scientific Literacy
This article describes the model for building and operating citizen science projects that has evolved at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology over the past two decades and hopes that the model will inform the fields of biodiversity monitoring, biological research, and science education while providing a window into the culture of citizen science.
Study of Golden Eagles Migration in the Calgary Canada
The eagles watch project is an effort of volunteer bird observers collecting data to monitor the Golden Eagle population in the Rocky Mountains of Calgary, Canada. The project began in March 1992,
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The Galaxy Zoo citizen science website invites anyone with an Internet connection to participate in research by classifying galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. As of April 2009, more than
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Galaxy Conqueror is a serious game for citizen science. Its goal is to guide participants to identify galaxies in a region of the sky known as the Puppis' Window. Galaxy Conqueror is a on-line game,
Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers in a Citizen Science Network to Detect Invasive Species on Private Lands
Volunteer citizen monitoring for early detection of new invasive species by private landowners on their own land was developed and volunteers who experienced the experiential learning module were more likely to recruit new volunteers than those who merely received an invitation letter.