Cities in evolution

  title={Cities in evolution},
  author={P. Geddes},
Shifting Scales of Urban Transformation: The emergence of the Marmara Urban Region between 1990 and 2015
region; urban development; land-cover; environmental history; Turkey; Marmara Region; Istanbul
Urban Design Green Dimensions
The urban design green dimensions is universally compatible with any devices to read and is available in the digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly. Expand
Assessing the Driving Forces Influencing World City Formation in Shanghai Based upon PLS-SEM Approach
In the context of transnational economy, world cities have been deemed as one of the most prominent articulations pertaining into unprecedented economic globalization. Since the proliferation ofExpand
City as Organism. New Vision for Urban Life
city as organism new visions for urban life
Constructing "Our Sanya": Continuous Improvement of Public Services and Collaborative Social Governance?
Based on large quantities of questionnaires and interview, Sanya’s particularities and outstanding problems of public services and social governance can be formulated as follows: imbalancedExpand
The spatial-economic impact of high-speed trains, nationally (the UK IC125) and regionally (a British-French comparison)
The arrival of high-speed trains (HST) brings an unprecedented time-space shrinkage that could greatly enhance inter-city connectivity. Meanwhile, it offers a major opportunity to reshape unevenExpand
On the History and Potentials of Evolutionary Metaphors in Urban Planning
This article looks at the history of evolutionary thought in urban planning. It classifies the use of evolutionary metaphors in three broad theoretical streams. The first stream of thought considersExpand
Connecting New Urbanism and American planning: an historical interpretation
The historical lineage of New Urbanism is often confined to the traditional American small town, John Nolen's planned communities, or the neighborhood unit model of Clarence Perry. This paper arguesExpand
Editorial: The right to assert the order of things in the city
‘ … Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same: leave it to our bureaucrats and our police to see that our papers are in order. At least spare us their morality when we write.’Expand