Citicoline: pharmacological and clinical review, 2006 update.

  title={Citicoline: pharmacological and clinical review, 2006 update.},
  author={Julio J. Secades and Jos{\'e} Luis Lorenzo},
  journal={Methods and findings in experimental and clinical pharmacology},
  volume={28 Suppl B},
Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine, CDP-choline, or citicoline is an essential intermediate in the biosynthetic pathway of structural phospholipids in cell membranes, particularly phosphatidylcholine. Following administration by both the oral and parenteral routes, citicoline releases its two main components, cytidine and choline. Absorption by the oral route is virtually complete, and bioavailability by the oral route is therefore approximately the same as by the intravenous route. Once absorbed… CONTINUE READING


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