Citation and Citationality

  title={Citation and Citationality},
  author={Constantine V. Nakassis},
  journal={Signs and Society},
  pages={51 - 77}
This essay explores the semiotics of citation. The citation is an act that re-presents some other event of discourse and marks that re-presentation as not(-quite) what it presences. The citation is a play of sameness and difference, identity and alterity, an interdiscursive calibration of an event of citing and a cited event, and is reflexive about that very fact. As such, citational acts can open up new social horizons of possibility, signification, and performative power. This essay… Expand
Undecontextualizable: Performativity and the Conditions of Possibility of Linguistic Symbolism
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On theory, citational practices and personal accountability in the study of music and affect
  • D. Gill
  • Sociology
  • Culture, Theory and Critique
  • 2020
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